Plants and planted tank books
Aquarium Beautiful
A. van den Nieuwenhuizen 

A Practical Guide to Choosing Aquarium Plants
Peter Hiscock
 Barron's Educational Series Inc.  2001

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  The Natural Aquarium : How to Imitate Nature in Your Home
Satoshi Yoshino and Doshin Kobayashi
TFH  1996
  Aquarium Plants : Their Identification, Cultivation and Ecology
Karel Rataj & Thomas J. Horeman
TFH  1977

  The Basic Book of Aquarium Plants
Don L. Jacobs
TFH  1986

  Water Plants in the Aquarium
Ines Scheurmann
Barrons  1988

Aquarium Plants Manual
Ines Scheurmann
Barrons 1993
  Aquarium fishes and plants
K. Rataj & R. Zukal (Illustrator - J. Maly)
Spring Books  1973

  Hobbyist Guide to the Natural Aquarium
Dr. Chris Andrews

Natural Aquarium World: Book 1
Takashi Amano
TFH  1996

Nature Aquarium World: Book Two
Takashi Amano
TFH  1994

Nature Aquarium World : Book 3
Takashi Amano
TFH  1997

Aquarium Plant Paradise
Takashi Amano
TFH  1997
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  Popular tropical aquarium plants
W. Vivian De Thabrew
Thornhill Press  1981

  Holger Windelov's Tropica Color Catalogue: Aquarium Plants
Holger Windelov
TFH  1986

Encyclopedia of Water Plants
Dr. Jiri Stodola
TFH 1967

Ecology of the Planted Aquarium
Ecology of the Planted Aquarium: A Practical Manual and Scientific Treatise for the Home Aquarist
by Diana L. Walstad
Echinodorus Publishing  1999
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Aquarium Plants
Gerhard Brunner
TFH  1973

Pond Books

Megan McConnell Hughes Ed. Marilyn Rogers
Miracle-Gro  2006

Water Gardens: A Harrowsmith Gardener's Guide
David Archibald and Mary Patton

Camden House Pub (August 1990)

The Simple Guide to Garden Ponds
Terry Ann Barber 
TFH   2002

Aqualog Special: Magnificent Flowers for the Garden Pond--Irises, Primulas, and Waterlilies

Axel Gutjahr
Verlag: A.C.S. GmbH  2005

Water Gardening
Wilfred V. Schmidlin
Brooklyn Botanic Garden   1983

Water Gardens: A Practical Step-By-Step Guide
Yvonne Rees & Neil Sutherland
Trafalgar Square Publishing 2001

Waterfalls, Fountains, Pools and Streams; Designing and Building Water Features in Your Garden
Helen Nash & Eamonn Hughes
Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.  1997

The Living Pond: Water Gardens with Fish & Other Creatures
Helen Nash
Sterling Publications   2002
Water Gardens: Simple Steps for Adding the Beauty of Water to Your Garden
Time-Life Books
Time Life  2001

Taylor's Weekend Gardening Guide to Water Gardens: How to Plan and Plant a Backyard Pond
Charles Thomas
Houghton Mifflin 1997

Your Healthy Garden Pond
Steve Halls
Howell Book House  2000
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Water Gardens: Instant Reference to More Than 250 Plants
Richard Bird
Cassell & Co. 2000
Water Features for Every Garden
Helen Nash
Sterling Publishing 2001

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Water Gardens in a Weekend: Projects for One, Two or Three Weekends
Peter Robinson
Sterling Publishing 2001

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Garden Pools: Fountains & Waterfalls
by Scott Atkinson
Sunset Books  2000
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Water Gardens
Jim McRae (ed), Pierre Home-Douglas (ed)
Sunset Books 1997
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Garden Pools, Fountains & Waterfalls
by Bridget Bradley (ed)
Sunset Books 2001
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Pond Basics
Peter Robinson
Sterling Publishing 2000
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Low-Maintenance Water Gardens
Helen Nash
Sterling Publishing 1996
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Water Gardening in Containers: Small Ponds Indoors & Out
by Helen Nash, C. Greg Speichert
Sterling Publishing 1999
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Water Gardening Basics
Helen Nash, Marilyn M. Cook
Sterling Publishing 2000
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Plants for Water Gardens: The Complete Guide to Aquatic Plants
Helen Nash, Perry D. Slocum, Bob Romar
Sterling Publishing 1998
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  Garden Pool Design ( A Save-Our-Planet Book)
Helmut Jantra
TFH  1995

  Garden Ponds for Everyone
Walter Schimana
TFH  1996
  Water Gardens for Plants and Fish
Charles Thomas
TFH  1988

The Rock & Water Garden Expert
Dr. D.G. Hessayon
Expert Books  1993

 Pond Doctor : Planning & Maintaining a Healthy Water Garden
Helen Nash
Sterling Publishing Co. Inc.  1994
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  A Creative Step-By-Step Guide to the Water Garden
Yvonne Rees, Neil Sutherland
Whitecap Books Ltd.  1995

Ponds & Fountains (Quick Guide)
James Barrett
Creative Homeowner Press  1994
Better Homes and Gardens Water Gardens
Eleanore Lewis
Better Homes and Gardens   2001
Water Features for Small Gardens
Ethne Clarke
Ward Lock  1998

  The Complete Book of the Water Garden
Philip Swindells & David Mason
The Overlook Press 1996

Fountains and Cascades (For Your Garden)
Teri Dunn
Friedman/Fairfax  1999

Garden Pools and Fountains
Edward B. Claflin
Ortho Books  1988

  John Dawes's Book of Water Gardens
John Dawes
TFH  1989
Water Gardening with Derek Fell: Practical Advice and Personal Favorites from the Best-Selling Author and Television Show Host
Derek Fell
Freedman/Fairfax Publishers 1998

Ortho's All About Garden Pools and Fountains
Veronica Lorson Fowler & Jamie Beyer
Ortho Books  1999
American Horticultural Society Practical Guides: Ponds And Water Features  
Peter Robinson
DK Publishing Inc.  1999

Planting a Water Garden
Dr. Joseph L. Thimes
TFH  1998

Garden Ponds Today
John Coborn
TFH  1996
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Fishkeepers Guide to Water Gardening
Derek Lambert
TFH  1999
Best Water Gardens
Stefan T. Buczacki
Hamlyn  2000

Water Gardening for Beginners
Derek Fell
Freedman/Fairfax  2001

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