Goldfish & Koi Books

Fancy Goldfish
Paul Paradise
TFH  2000

Fancy Goldfish: Complete Guide To Care And Collecting
Erik L. Johnson
Weatherhill  2001

Keeping Koi
Keeping Koi
Nancy Cooper Wisner, Frederick Albert Simon
Sterling Publications  1996

  Goldfish Guide
Yoshiichi Matsui & Dr. Herbert Axelrod
TFH  1991

ABC's of Goldfish
Neal Teitler
TFH 1986  
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A Fishkeeper's Guide to Fancy Goldfishes
Dr. Chris Andrews
Tetrapress  1987

Paul R. Paradise
TFH 1988

  Goldfish and Koi in Your Home                                                  
Dr. H. R. Axelrod and W. Vorderwinkler                                                              
TFH  1984

The Official Guide to Goldfish
Goldfish Society of America
TFH  1991
  Goldfish and Ornamental Carp
Bethen Pénzes & István Tölg
Barron's 1986

  Coldwater Fish
Werner Ladiges
Tetrapress  1983

  Goldfish pools, water-lilies and tropical fishes
Dr. G. L. Thomas 
TFH 1965

Joseph Roberts
TFH  1989

Goldfish Breeding and Genetics
J. Smartt & J.H. Bundell
TFH  1996
The Professional's Book of Koi
Anmarie Barrie
TFH  1992
The Proper Care of Goldfish
James Geran
TFH  1996

  A Complete Guide to Goldfish
Robert Mertlich
TFH  1987

  Goldfish: A Complete Introduction  
Robert Mertlich
TFH  1995

Guide to Owning Goldfish
Spencer Glass
TFH  1996
Goldfish As a Hobby (Save-Our-Planet)
Robert Hilble & Gabriele Langfeldt-Feldman
TFH  1993

goldfish book

Step-By-Step Book About Goldfish
Jack C. Harris
TFH  1987

Manual Of Koi Health
Keith Holmes & Tony Pitham
Firefly Books  2004

Koi for Ponds
Zuza Vrbova
TFH  1990

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Catfish Books

Identifying Corydoradinae Catfish
Ian A. M. Fuller & Hans-Georg Evers
Verlag A.C.S. GmbH  2005


Bristlenoses: Catfish With Character
Kathy Jinkings
TFH  2000

The Catfish Connection: Ecology, Migration, and Conservation of Amazon Predators
Ronaldo Barthem & Michael Goulding
Columbia University Press   1997

  Catfish in the Aquarium
Dr. Carl Ferraris Jr.
Tetra Press  1991

  Catfish and Loaches - The Bottom Dwellers
Dr. Christopher Andrews (ed.)
Tetra Press

A Fishkeeper's Guide to South American Catfish
David Sands
TetraPress 1988

Back to Nature: Guide to L-Catfishes
Ingo Seidel
Fohrman Aquaristik AB    2008

Guide to Catfishes (Back to Nature)
David Sands
Forhman Aquaristik GmbH  1997

Dr. C. W. Emmens and Herbert Axelrod
TFH  1978

  Corydoras and Related Catfishes- A Complete Introduction
Dr. Warren E. Burgess
TFH  1987

Corydoras Catfishes
Dr. Warren E. Burgess
  An Atlas of Freshwater and Marine Catfishes : A Preliminary Survey of the Siluriformes
Dr. Warren E. Burgess
TFH  1989
Corydoras Catfish : An Aquarist's Handbook
Derek Lambourne
Blandford Press  1995

The World of Catfishes
Midori Kobayagawa
TFH  1991 
  Keeping Aquarium Fishes: Corydoras Catfish
David Sands
Dee Bee Books  1986

Catfish : Keeping & Breeding Them in Captivity 
Richard Geis
TFH  1996

Mini Cory
Aqualog Mini: My Corydoras
Frank Schafer
Verlag: A.C.S.  GmbH   2003
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Aqualog: all Corydoras
Ulrich Glaser sen, Frank Schäfer and Wolfgang Glaser
Verlag: A.C.S.  GmbH  1997

Aqualog Special: Loricariidae - the most beautiful L-numbers
Ulrich Glaser
Verlag: A.C.S. GmbH  1998

Aqualog: Loricariidae all L-Numbers
Ulrich Glaser sen & Wolfgang Glaser
Verlag: A.C.S.  GmbH  1995

Aqualog: Loricariidae all L-Numbers (rev. and updated)
Erwin Schraml & Frank Schäfer
Verlag: A.C.S.  GmbH  2004

Aqualog Extra: The latest L-numbers
Frank Schäfer & Erwin Schraml
Verlag: A.C.S.  GmbH  2003

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