Specialty Fish Books

Indo Drago 4
Indo Dragon  2008

  Characoids of the World
Jacques Gery 
TFH  1977

A Guide to Gobies of Singapore
Helen K. Larson, Kelvin K. P. Lim
Singapore Science Centre   2005

A Field Guide to the Fish of Tasek Bera Ramsar Site, Pahang, Malaysia
S. Cheng Hua 
Wetlands International - Malaysia Programme   2002

Freshwater Fishes of Mata Atlantica
Naercio A. Menezes, Stanley H. Weitzman, Osvaldo T. Oyakawa, et al. 
University of Sao Paolo  2007

David M. Schleser
Barron's  1997

  Piranhas : Fact and Fiction
John R. Quinn 
TFH  1992
  The Piranha Book 
Ed. by Dr. George S. Myers 
TFH  1972

Piranhas in the Aquarium
Wolfgang Shulte
TFH  1995

Piranhas : Keeping & Breeding Them in Captivity
Prof. Manolito Pinkguni 
TFH  1996

Atlas of Killifishes of Old World
Jorgen J. Scheel 
TFH   1990

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Aqualog: Killifishes of the world - Old World Killis II (Aplocheilus, Epiplatys, Nothobranchius)
Dr. Lothar Seegers
Verlag: A.C.S.  GmbH  1997

Steffen Hellner 
Barrons  1990

The American Killifish Association's Beginner's Guide
Alan C Markis, Roger W. Langton 
American Killifish Association, Inc.  1986

Dr. R. A. Jubb 
TFH   1981

  Killifish: Their Care and Breeding 
Anthony C. Terceira 
Pisces Publishing Corporation  1974

  Rivulins of the Old World
Jorgen J. Scheel
TFH  1975

Aqualog: Killifishes of the World - New World Killies (Cyprinidon, Cynolebias, Rivulus)
Dr. Lothar Seegers
Verlag: A.C.S.  GmbH  2000

  Pearl Killifishes : The Cynolebiatinae: Systematics and Biogeography of the Neotropical Annual Fish Subfamily (Cyprinodontiformes : Rivulidae)
Wilson J. E. M. Costa
TFH  1995

Fauna of Cameroon Vol. 2 - The Genus Aphyosemion Myers: Faune Du Cameroun - Le Genre Aphyosemion Myers

Jean-Louis Amiet 
Sciences Nat  1987 (Note: this title is in French & English)

  Tetras: Keeping and Breeding them in Captivity
Spencer Glass 
TFH   1997

  Cardinal Tetras
Dr. Herbert Axelrod
TFH   1980

  Rasboras: Keeping and Breeding them in Captivity
Dr. Martin R. Brittan 
TFH  1998
Dr. Martin R. Brittan
TFH 1972

Aqualog: The Puffers of fresh and brackish waters
Dr. KLaus Ebert
Verlag: A.C.S.  GmbH  2001

Amazon: The Flooded Forest
Michael Goulding
BBC   1989

Apple Snails in the Aquarium : Ampullariids : Their Identification, Care, and Breeding 
Dr. Perrera, Jerry G. Walls (Contributor) 
TFH  1996

Photo Field Guide to the Freshwater Mussels of Ontario
Janice Metcalfe-Smith, Alistair MacKenzie, Ian Carmichael and Daryl McGoldrick
St. Thomas Field Naturalist Club Inc.  2005

  Living Fossil : The Story of the Coelacanth 
Keith Stewart Thomson
W.W. Norton & Company  1991

  Jurassic Fishes
Haruto Kodera
TFH   1995

Fish and Their Behavior
Gunther Zupanc 
Tetra Press  1985

Fish Behavior in the Aquarium and in the Wild
by Stephan Reebs
Cornell University Press  2001
  Ecology and Evolution of Livebearing Fishes (Poeciliidae)
Gary K. Meffe & Franklin Snelson Jr.
Prentice Hall  1989

Common and Scientific Names of Fishes from the United States and Canada
C. Richard Robins, Carl E. Bond, Reeve M. Bailey et al
American Fisheries Society Special Publication 20  1991
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Nonindigenous fishes introduced into inland waters of the United States
Pam Fuller, Leo Nico & James D. Williams
American Fisheries Society Special Publication 27   1999

  Fishes : an introduction to ichthyology
Peter B. Moyle
Prentice Hall  1988

Common Names of Tropical Fish
Dr. Peter Lewis
Lewis Books  1984

Karl F. Lagler, John E. Bardach, Robert R. Miller
John Wiley & Sons Inc.  1962

Atlas Ichthyologique Des Indes Orientales Neerlandaises Vol. 7
Pieter Bleeker
Smithsonian Institute Press

Fishes of Lake Kariba Africa
Eugene K. Dr. Balon
TFH  1974

Native North American Fish Books

The American Darters
Robert A. Kuehne & Roger W. Barbour 
University Press of Kentucky  1983

American Aquarium Fishes (W.L. Moody, Jr., Natural History Series, No 28)
Robert J. Goldstein (Photographer), Rodney W. Harper,
Richard Edwards (Contributor)  
Texas A&M University Press  2000

North American Native Fishes for the Home Aquarium
David M. Schleser 
Barrons  1998
Peterson guide
Peterson's Field Guides - Freshwater Fishes
Laurence M. Page and Brooks M. Burr 
Houghton Mifflin   1991

Peterson First Guide to Fishes of North America (Peterson First Guides)
Michael Filisky
Houghton Mifflin   1989

Handbook of Darters
Dr. Lawrence M. Page
TFH   1983  
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  Checklist of Canadian Freshwater Fishes with Keys for Identification 
W.B. Scott and E. J. Crossman 
Royal Ontario Museum (Life Sciences Miscellaneous Publications)  1969

  A Checklist of Ontario Freshwater Fishes (Annotated with Distribution Maps) 
Nicholas E. Mandrak and E. J. Crossman 
Royal Ontario Museum   1992

Rare and Endangered Biota of Florida: Vol. II Fishes
Carter R. Gilbert (Editor) 
University Press of Florida  1992

  Thompson's Guide to Freshwater Fishes
Peter Thompson 
Houghton Mifflin Company  1985

  McClane's Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes of North America
A. J. McClane 
Holt, Rinehart and Winston  1978

  Guide to the Fishes of the Great Lakes and Tributary Waters 
Carl L. Hubbs & Karl F. Lagler 
Cranbrook Institute of Science  1941

  Freshwater Fishes of Canada
W. B. Scott, E. J. Crossman 
Fisheries Research Board of Canada - Bulletin 184   1973

Inland Fishes of California - revised & expanded edition
by Peter B. Moyle
University of California Press  2002

Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes of California
Samuel M. McGinnis
University of California Press  2006

Freshwater Fishes of Virginia
Robert E. Jenkins, Noel M. Burkhead
American Fisheries Society  1994 

Pennsylvania Fishes
Linda Steiner
Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission   2000

Freshwater Fishes of the Carolinas, Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware
Fred C. Rohde, Rudolf G. Arndt, David G. Lindquist, James F. Parnell
University of North Carolina Press  1994

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  Handbook of Fishes of Kansas
Frank B. Cross
University of Kansas  1967

Fishes of Arkansas
by Henry W. Robison, Thomas M. Buchanan
University of Arkansas Press 1988

  Pacific Fishes of Canada
J. L. Hart
Fisheries Research Board of Canada  1975

Australasian fish

Field Guide to the Freshwater Fishes of New Guinea
Dr. Gerald R. Allen  
Christensen Research Institute (1991

Questions and Answers...The Bowman Letters
Ron Bowman
ANGFA Special Publications Group  2007

Rainbowfishes: Keeping & Breeding Them in Captivity
Derek Lambert
TFH  1998

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Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes of Australia
Gerald R. Allen, S. H. Midgley, and M. Allen
Western Australian Museum  2002
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Rainbowfishes In Nature and in the Aquarium 
Dr. Gerald R. Allen 
Tetra Press  1995

Aqualog: All Rainbows and Related Families
Harro Hieronimus
Verlag: A.C.S. GmbH 2002

Rainbowfishes of Australia and Papua New Guinea
Dr. Gerald Allen & Norbert Cross
Angus & Robertson Publishers  1982

Freshwater Fishes of Australia
Dr. Gerald R. Allen
TFH  1989

Peter Schubert
Urania Ratgeber Verlag  1991

Additions to the fish fauna of New Guinea
Ian S. R. Munro 
ANGFA Vic. Publications Committee

Freshwater Fishes of the Timika Region New Guinea
G. R. Allen, Kent Hortle & Samuel Renyaan
PT Freeport Indonesian Comany  2000

Freshwater Fishes of the Greater Brisbane Region
Scott Cutmore and Kevin Warburton
Queensland Museum

Fishes of the Murray-Darling Basin
Mark Lintermans
Murray-Darling Ministerial Council   2007

Freshwater Fishes of Far North Queensland
Brett Herbert & John Peeters
State of Queensland Department of Primary Industries  1995

Freshwater Fishes of South-eastern Australia 
Robert McDowall ed. 
Reed Books  1996

Fish and Fish Habitat of the Queensland Murray-Darling Basin
David Moffatt, Jo Voller
State of Queensland Department of Primary Industries 2002

Freshwater fishes of the Northern Territory
Helen K. Larson, Keith Martin
Northern Territory Museum of Arts and Sciences  1989

Freshwater Fishes of Kakadu National Park
Dave Walden, Bob Pidgeon
Griffin Press Pty Ltd  1998

Australian Native Fishes for Aquariums
Ray Leggett, John Merrick
J. R. Merrick Publications  1987

Australian freshwater life: the invertebrates of Australian inland waters
W. D. Williams
Sun Books Pty Ltd.  1968

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