Echinodorus amazonicus


Common Name:Amazon Sword Plant

Echinodorus amazonicus is found in Brazil.
 E. Amazonicus is a rosette plant that can grow to about 20 inches tall.  It has a small rhizome.  The leaves are narrow-lanceolate, having a slightly curved top (like a scimitar).  This is known as ensiform.  The stems on this plant are short for the size of the leaves.  The leaves are bright green.  The recommended requirements for E. amazonicus is a temperature of 72-82 F with a pH of 5.8-7.0 (2 -12 dCH).  It tolerates soft water a lot better than hard.  If the carbonate hardness becomes high, this plant can become stunted.  An iron-containing fertilizer is recommended.  Fairly high light levels are also needed.

 I bought this plant back at the end of January.  I placed it in my 25 gallon tank along with my A. barteri and E. canadensis.  This is my tetra tank.  I figured if the neons do well then so should the plant.  When I bought this plant it was only 3 inches tall with about 6 leaves on it.  It thrived in the 25 gallon, which had a pH of around 7 and a temperature of 79 F.  There is a single flourescent bulb over this tank.  Several weeks later I noticed some new leaves starting.  One turned into a stalk that had several small flowers on them.  These flowers were brownish in colour.  The stalk was about 4" tall.  After this I did not pay that much attention as I was more involved with my fish.  Later I noticed that where the flowers were there were now leaves growing off the stalk.  The stalk continued to grow.  About the middle of Mar.  I saw more flowers on the stalk which had grown to about 10-11" tall.  At the time of writing this article, these have leaves as well.  The leaves were now about 8" tall.

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