Cryptocoryne griffithii

Family: Araeae (arum family-Calla Lily)

The common name for this Cryptocoryne is Malayan Sword.
It comes mainly from the Malay Peninsula and Indonesia. It was named for Dr. William Griffith (he was a botanist as well).
C. griffithii is a rosette plant that grows anywhere up to 15 inches tall.  It comes with dark green leaves.  The leaves have purplish veins running on the underside.  Iron rich fertilizer is recommended.  This species is susceptible to Cryptocoryne rot if any of the growing conditions change rapidly over a short time period. The recommended requirements for C. griffithii is a temperature of 64-79 with a pH of 6.5-6.9.  It does not need bright light. In fact, keep it away from strong sunshine. Cryptocoryne species often do not grow in tanks that are just set-up.  C. griffithii reproduces by runners. It should not be grown near other species of Cryptocoryne.

I got this plant in May 2003 with leaves of approximately 5" in length.  The leaves were dark green and it had long white roots.  I put it in a 90 gallon tank with two Aquaclear filters.  The tank has gravel on the bottom. There are a few rocks, and several other plants in the tank, including Sagittaria subulata which is growing very well too. There are two 4' fluorescent lights above this tank, so it is fairly well lighted.  It was placed with cichlids (discus and angels). There are also a few Otos as well.  I do not know the pH of my water (Chatham water has a pH of about 7.2) I do water changes of 25-30% about once a week (sometimes I do an extra small water change).  The water temperature is 82F.  I realize that this seems to be above it's range, but it has shown no signs of problems being in this temperature. About two weeks after getting the plant, it showed new leaves coming out a short distance from the mother plant. (3" and 4" away from the parent plant).  These grew fairly fast. Both the main plant and the new plants had no problems.  As of writing this article there have been three further new plants.  Cryptocoryne griffithii makes a great central plant in a fairly large tank.

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