Central American Cichlids

Central American cichlids are usually riverine. There are some lakes found there as well. Considering that these fish come from both areas, care is almost the same except for temperature on some. These fish like a temperature from 21-27°C(70-80°F). The water is usually hard and alkaline. The pH runs about 7.5-8. You do have to be careful in selecting tankmates for some of these cichlids as they can become "tankbusters".

Central American cichlids I currently keep:

Formerly kept:

Archocentrus myrnae (Topaz cichlid)
Archocentrus sajica
Neetroplus nematopus (Neets)
Thorichthys aureus (Gold Aureum)
Thorichthys sp. coatzacoalcos Hypsophrys nicaraguense
Thorichthys meeki (Firemouth)


Last updatedOct. 25/12