Livebearer Books
Guppies Today
Spencer Glass

My Guppy
Aqualog Mini: My Guppy
Frank Schafer
Verlag A.C.S. GmbH   2003

Platies and Swordtails: An Aquarist's Handbook
Derek Lambert, Pat Lambert
Blandford Book   1995
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  Swordtails and Platies
Dr. Herbert Axelrod and Lothar Wischnath
TFH  1991

Livebearing Fishes - A Guide to their Aquarium Care, Biology and Classification
John Dawes
Blandford  1995

A Fishkeeper's Guide to Livebearing Fishes
Peter W. Scott
Tetra Press   1998

  Atlas of Livebearers of the World
Lothar Wischnath
TFH  1993

The Proper Care of Guppies
Stan Shubel
TFH   1995

  Livebearing Aquarium Fishes
Manfred Brembach
TFH  1985

  A Step-by-Step Book About Guppies
Jack C. Harris
TFH  1988

Platies: Keeping and Breeding them in Captivity
Donald Mix
TFH   1996

Swordtails: Keeping and Breeding them in Captivity
Dr. Herbert Axelrod & Dr. Myron Gordon
TFH   1997

Mollies: Keeping and Breeding them in Captivity
Spencer Glass
TFH  1997

Guppies, Mollies, Platys
Harro Hieronimus
Barrons 1993

  All About Guppies
Leon F. Whitney
TFH 1964

  Guppy Handbook
Dr. Cliff W. Emmens
TFH  1970

The Guide to Owning Guppies
Homer Mozart
TFH  1996

Sex, Color, and Mate Choice in Guppies
Anne E. Houde
Princetown University Press  1997

  Die Hochlandkärpflinge (Goodeidae) in German
Harro Hieronimus
Westarp Wissenschaften  1995

  Guppies : Fancy Strains and How to Produce Them
Noboru Iwasaki
TFH  1989

Wilfred L. Whitern
TFH  1979

Wilfred L. Whitern, Myron Gordon
TFH  1980

Aqualog Livebearers
Aqualog: all Livebearers and Halfbeaks (Guppys, Platys, Mollys )
Michael Kempkes & Frank Schafer
Verlag: A.C.S.  GmbH  1998

Aqualog Special: Freshwater Stingrays from South America
Richard Ross
Verlag: A.C.S. GmbH 1999

Anabantoid books

LABYRINTH - Anabantoid Association of Great Britain: Special Issue 2: A Review of African Labyrinthfish
Editor: D.M.Armitage
Anabantoid Association of Great Britain  2014

The Betta Handbook
Robert J. Goldstein 
Barron's Educational Series    2004

Gouramis and Other Labyrinth Fishes
Gary Elson & Oliver Lucanas
Barrons  2002

  Gouramis and Other Anabantoids
Hans-Joachim Richter
TFH  1988

Siamese Fighting Fish
Gene Wolfsheimer
TFH  1996
Siamese Fighting Fish
Gene A. Lucas, Ph. D.

  Bettas, Gouramis and other Anabantoids - Labyrinth Fishes of the World
Dr. Jörge Vierke
TFH  1988

  A Beginner's Guide to Bettas
W. L. Whitern
TFH   1986

Labyrinth Fish: The Bubble Nest Builders
Horst Linke
Tetrapress   1991

A Complete Introduction to Bettas
Walt Maurus
TFH  1987

Zoo Med’s Guide to Bettas Book
Ashley Rademacher
Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc.  2010

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