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Ken has always been interested in birds, and when we came back from our holiday in Australia, we had an opportunity to acquire some zebra finches. We had a total of 12 birds We originally had 4 birds.  Two males and two females.  One female is almost normally coloured, but is split to white; the other female is mostly white with a little bit of grey on her. The two males are also mostly white with a little bit of grey on them.  We have since learned that the whites are most likely to be pied whites. The 8 babies seem to be split fairly evenly (approximately half look regular and half show pied white). One of the latest youngsters is mostly regular but has a white belly (only under the body where it's tough to see) and white wings. Please check the photos page for a pic of this bird.  I have created a page for updates under the news section. We recently sold most of the birds and got some black cheeks. Not alot to report lately. A few baby birds, but only zebra finches so far.

I've added a few new photos of the birds to our pic page. We also have a couple of budgies now. Just can't stay away from the Aussies I guess! :)
Last updated  Sept 22, 2006


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