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Update Sept. 22, 2006.

We currently have two budgies as well now. There is only 9 days left in their quarantine from each other. Hopefully they'll get along and we can place both of them in the same large cage. The female is a green dilute spangle, and the male is a sky violet opaline spangle.

Update April 14, 2006.

Sorry for the long time in updating this page!

Two pairs of zebra finches are feeding fledglings right now. The original pair of black cheeks and a black cheek male that's paired with a pied female (called Whitewing). Both of these pairs have raised young before. One of Whitewings babies appears to have only one eye. Last month we lost our remaining female gouldian, so right now, we have 3 male gouldians.

Update May 23, 2005.

We have the black cheek zebra sitting on 6 eggs right now. 5 of them are her own, and one is a gouldian egg we stole from a pair that seemed to have eaten the other egg they laid so we thought we'd try and see what happens. They should be hatching shortly.

Update April 2005.

We lost a few gouldian females to an unknown illness.

Update December 5, 2004.

We now have another 17 new birds. We now have Gouldians, owl finches, society finches and star finches!

Update Oct. 17, 2004

We brought 11 of our birds in to the local bird show to sell, and came back with a pair of Black Cheeks. We still have one of the original babies (1 from the second batch - the one with the white wings). Also added some new photos to the photo page.

Update Sept. 2, 2004

Four babies hatched from the second nest. Two are grey and two are white. One of the grey babies has white wings (a rather pretty effect). They are all out of the nest and almost eating on their own. I removed the nest to stop any further breeding for a while to let the female recuperate. It appears that the first two grey babies from the original batch are female since no cheek patches have shown up.

Update July 29, 2004

We had two nests of eggs. One for the main pair with 9 eggs and the other pair had 8 eggs. the secondary pair was not sitting on their eggs at all. The main pair now have 2 babies again, with more on the way. The original four babies are eating by themselves and flying well.

Update July 5, 2004
All four babies are now considered fledglings. They have all taken some time out of the nest and been able to get back into it on their own. The smallest did try to leave too early and could not get back in. He/she was caught and placed back in the nest a few times (sure was determined! ;-) ). The other pair has laid eggs which were accidently broken, so we expect more to be laid soon.

I finally went through all the bird books and am making a library list out of them as I did for our fish books.  This is being updated now, so please check back later to see any new additions to the bird library page.

UPDATE June 23, 2004
The last batch of 6 eggs has turned into 4 healthy baby birds so far. They hatched on June 11,12, and 13. It appears that we have two normallish and two white type babies. Their eyes are now open (June 22) and we're seeing some feathers showing up.