Anubias congensis

Family: Araceae

Habitat: This plant is found in Tropical West Africa.

PH: 6-7.5

KH: 2-15

Temperature: 22-28 C (71-82 F)

This is a very tall Anubias species ranging from 10" to 21" tall (30-60 cm).  It requires a tall tank but can take lower light levels.  It has bright green leaves that are broadly lanceolate (leaves that come to a point).  The leaf itself can be 7" or more tall and 3½" wide.  When left undisturbed this plant may become quite big.  It is propagated by lateral shoots off the rhizome.  The rhizome itself can be cut in half to propagate the plant.  It is very slow growing and may only add a few leaves per year.

I bought this plant a year ago in a London petstore for a decent price.  It was already quite large when I bought it.  I placed it into a 33g tank containing fairly large gravel.  This tank only has dwarf cichlids and pencilfish in it so I knew it wouldn't get eaten.  The tank stays at 77 F and has a pH of 7.8.  The tank has it's own fluorescent light, but it also receives some daylight.  I left it alone in the tank and it promptly threw up 3 leaves for me.  These leaves were not as big as the originals but they kept growing after.  I kept meaning to split the plant to get the points for it but I kept on forgetting to do it.  Eventually I did split it in half after I saw that the roots were all over the rhizome.  I lost 2 leaves from the plant on each section from cutting it.  But I seem to be getting new leaves to take their place.  My plant now stands 18" tall at this time and I'm sure it would be taller if I gave it a taller tank.  However I am unwilling to move it as it's taken to its home very well.  It's a very beautiful plant that would make a perfect centerpiece in a larger tank.

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