Anubias afzelii

Common Name: Spearleaf Anubias

Family: Araceae

Habitat: This plant is found in Tropical West Africa.

pH: 6-7.5

Temperature: 22-28 C (71-82 F)

Anubias afzelii is a medium-sized rosette plant that can grow to about 8-10 inches (20-25 cm.) tall.  In nature this plant is mainly found submerged.   This means it is a great aquarium plant as well as a really nice pond plant if the water depth isn't too great.  The petioles (the stalk that attaches the leaf to the stem of the plant) are green but can be reddish as well.  The leaf is as long as the petiole is.  The leaf is elliptical and is a dark green colour.  It has undulate margins (wavy edges).  It grows best emersed, but remains small when it is under water.  Like other Anubias, it is propagated by lateral shoots off the rhizome.  The rhizome itself can be cut in half to propagate the plant.

The plant I received from a friend had reddish petioles.  It is about 7" tall.  As soon as I got the plant, I decided it was already big enough for me to divide it.  I split the plant's rhizome in half and placed both halves in the same aquarium next to each other.  The aquarium they went into was a 33 gallon tank with larger sized gravel (hen grit).  This tank also had some Bolbitis heudelotii and an unidentified cryptocoryne in it.  It is inhabited by Melanotaenia affinis and some breeding pairs of Archocentrus myrnae (Topaz Cichlid).  The pH is around 7.8 and the temperature is kept about 78F.  There is a flourescent tube over the tank that is built into the lid.  The plant hasn't grown very much but did survive its halving very well.  I really like the reddish stems on the plant.  I think they ‘make' the plant.

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